unleashing human possibilities through creative expression

While many think of creativity as an outlet, I see it as
an inlet, a conduit to self-awareness and personal expression

Creative Inlet uses a methodology designed to help people reignite their creativity, to re-build their creative muscle and connect with their possibilities.


The Creative Inlet workshops provide a unique, fun environment for people to tap into their “right side” through the process of visual imaging - to hone intuition through a series of guided abstract painting exercises. No artistic experience or skill is needed! All that’s required is a desire to increased one’s creative mindset, to think outside the box, mess up a few canvases with paint, and have fun in the process. Prior to the class, most participants haven’t painted since grade school. Following a typical workshop, they talk about "breaking out of the box" - feeling transformed by their creativity, visible on their canvases, and re-energized with their passions, careers and personal lives.

Coaching Sessions

We offer individual coaching sessions designed to boost creative thinking and problem solving. Painting, prompts and personal attention produce long-lasting results and valuable insights - a great way to access inspiration!


September 7, 2018
Shady Canyon Golf Club, Irvine, CA
Registration is limited to 30 attendees

A Day Dedicated to You |
Body, Mind & Purpose
Let’s face it: when it comes to self-care we hear the messages, we read the posts, we watch the videos… but we still find it hard to integrate real and practical strategies into our everyday lives.  Join us as we spend a beautiful day learning self-care tools we can put into immediate action. Events